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Why a book? Why now? In many ways, writing a book is a ‘bucket list’ item for executives as they near the final third of their careers. So why write a book well before I’m near the final third of my career? Well, it’s complicated.  I’ve had the privilege to speak to many groups of women, audiences comprised of smart, driven strivers. Inevitably, after telling the correctional-officer-to-soapmaker story and talking about the methods I use to run Bramble Berry and manage a life that doesn’t send me into the loony bin, the question “Why don’t you write a book?” inevitably comes up. I’ve been lucky enough to listen to some of the best speakers in the business world, be mentored by top brains, and be exposed to really big, cutting edge ideas. And they’ve helped me lead a somewhat sane life, complete with normal trials and ups and downs, but a life that is joyful and fulfilled. So, after one of those questions, I answered with a “Maybe I’ll do that.” And then, I set out to do just that. It took two years but what came out of it is a book that encompasses my entire philosophy when it comes to life, to health, relationships, and work.

My other experiences around authorship are all in the soap industry. They’re essentially cookbooks only they teach people how to make soap instead of using a stove to create food. Those books were (are) very procedural, very textbook and contain a lot of photos. They are essentially my love letter to creativity and functional, deeply useful art.

The “How to Live your Best Day Ever” book is extremely different than my previous work. It’s part motivational, part self-help and part business. It’s also intensively personal and vulnerable. That makes promoting it a difficult and open place for me. When I asked people to buy my soap book, I knew it was good. I could see the soap. I could hold the soap. I could use the soap. I knew those books were solidly helpful and inspiring. I feel the same about this latest book. It is my philosophy in a book. But, promoting it feels different. I think it’s helpful. I think it’s solid. But, I’m not so arrogant to believe I have all the answers or that the entire philosophy can and will apply to everyone. So, after the book was out for a week, I still hadn’t posted anything about it on my Facebook page. How’s that for being brave? Yeah…not so much. So, today, I’ll post a note on my Facebook page and ask my friends to (cough cough) buy the book.

The reviews are coming in and they’re good (though, like any author, I live in terror of a bad one). I’ve even gotten some press (thanks, Forbes homepage, and Hallmark Channel!) and I keep plugging away at promoting the book (yes, I will do any and all podcasts you throw at me and if there’s an interview to give, I am your gal!). So please, buy my book. You can buy it here (yes, I’ll toss in a free notebook as a goody), at B&N, Amazon or Bramble Berry. And if you like the book, tell your friends and please, please write a review.