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Are you living your best life, every day?

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Best Day Ever Quiz

Are you living your best life, every day?

Not having the Best Day Ever? Take this quiz to discover what’s holding you back!

The driving concept behind Best Day Ever is that happiness is a choice. We make life decisions every day that may seem insignificant but have both long-reaching and immediate repercussions on our well-being.

It’s not always just the obvious, major hurdles standing in our way to achieving a fully realized life; sometimes it’s the little things that add up, sneakily pecking away at our happiness over time, little by little zapping away our energy and stealing our joy.

  • Did you really want that stale break room doughnut this morning instead of an invigorating green smoothie?

  • How many times have you felt obligated to say “yes” to yet another commitment when you were already overwhelmed?

  • Heck, when was the last time you even got a full night’s sleep?

To those tired of feeling stuck on life’s treadmill with no idea how to make it stop: this quiz is for you. The following assessment measures to what extent you choose happiness in your daily life or if you’re sabotaging your chance to live the Best Day Ever everyday.

It’ll only take a few minutes to complete (promise!), and along with your result, we’ll provide you some tips on how to live every day like it’s your best. Let’s get started!

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Start living on your terms.

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