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After gaining a lifetime of knowledge through trial and error as well as through higher education, Anne-Marie Faiola enjoys educating audiences through her wisdom and personal experiences. She speaks on the subjects of entrepreneurship, positive living, and best-lifestyle practices, hoping to spread her hard-earned knowledge to women seeking fulfillment in their lives and careers. She is available to speak at women’s conferences, retreats, or corporate events. Her presentations bring valuable and practical tools, as well as an abundance of inspiration to her audiences.

Book Anne-Marie to speak at your next event to get the tools and knowledge that make every day the Best Day Ever. For more information, download her speaking kit or visit her page on ForbesBooks Speaker’s Bureau.

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Anne-Marie offers life coaching and consulting services, geared towards passionate and highly motivated women. Her consulting services offer insight into the financial, structural, and emotional aspects of starting a business for women looking to begin their own entrepreneurial projects. She also offers life coaching to career-oriented women who are looking for their unique skill-set, something they are extremely passionate about that sets them apart from their peers. Anne-Marie has a knack for helping strong and passionate women find their purpose and make a plan to put their one-of-a-kind skill-set to use in a way that fulfills them and benefits the world.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

Through her experience as a small-business owner, risk-taker, and creator, Anne-Marie Faiola has learned many real-world lessons about entrepreneurship. After founding her soap-making supply company, Bramble Berry, and now her new lifestyle venture, Best Day Ever, Anne-Marie’s expertise lies in marrying positivity and entrepreneurial skills to reach new levels of success through actions that can be implemented in your everyday life.

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Book Anne-Marie to speak at your next event to get the tools and knowledge that make every day the Best Day Ever.